Why Consider Cremation?

It is important to acknowledge that there is no “right or wrong” way to conduct a funeral. Just as wedding ceremonies can range from the simplest type of civil union to the
extravagance and pomp of a royal wedding, funerals can take many forms.

Generally a funeral is thought of a as a ceremony for celebrating, sanctifying or remembering the life of a person who has died. These customs vary widely between cultures, and between religious affiliations. The diversity of our modern society is reflected in the diversity of the practices surrounding funerals today. Increasingly over the last century the increase in the acceptance of cremation has added even more choice and flexibility to the options available to families when planning funerals.

According to the Cremation Association of North America there are numerous reasons why people choose cremation, and the decision is a very personal one, whether for someone planning their own services in order to alleviate their family from that burden, to family members choosing cremation as a loving and respectful way to memorialize their loved one. Research has shown the following nine factors as considerations in the cremation decision:

  • People are dying older and choosing cremation for themselves.
  • Migration to retirement locations is increasing.
  • Cremation has become acceptable.
  • Environmental considerations are becoming more important.
  • Level of education is rising.
  • Ties to tradition are becoming weaker.
  • Regional differences are diminishing.
  • Religious restrictions are diminishing.
  • Greater flexibility in memorialization services.

Cremation as part of a funeral service.

When considering pre planning for cremation as part of a funeral it is important to think through the types of services that you might want, such as:

  • Cremation with visitations and embalming
  • Cremation with visitation and perhaps the use of a rental casket
  • Memorial service – with the cremated remains or without
  • Church services coordinated with clergy
  • Receptions following a service with catering
  • The final disposition of the cremated remains, burial or scattering in a cemetery, placement in a niche, or to be kept by a family member.

All of these considerations can be important and legitimate components of a funeral for many families. It is a good idea to discuss these issues with your loved ones before making final decisions. All of the services listed above are available through our full service funeral complexes and it would be wise to speak with a funeral service
professional if your family’s needs would be more appropriately met by these types of services.

Why consider the services of 1-800-Cremation?

There are many cases where the individual needs of a family do not require many of the services that might be considered “traditional”. 1-800-Cremation is a service that has been designed to provide easy access to cremation arrangements that are simple, dignified and affordable for families who:

  • wish to arrange for a simple cremation following a death and who do not need to use the facilities of a funeral home.
  • services of a professional funeral planner/director, are not mandatory.
  • we promote a family led approach to service planning.
  • may be planning a simple family directed service at a later date.
  • are making cremation arrangements for those who have no next of kin.
  • are making cremation arrangements to facilitate transportation of the cremated remains to another location.

What Does 1-800- Cremation provide?

  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death to Mt. Royal Crematorium.
  • Basic services to coordinate cremation arrangements with the family.
  • Completion of all required legal paperwork.
  • Preparation of Death Certificates.
  • Temporary refrigerated storage and safekeeping of the deceased prior to cremation.
  • Standard cremation container.
  • Cremation
  • Basic urn/container for the cremated remains

The benefits of pre-planning a funeral service

Pre-planning is something we do all the time. We set money aside for travel, for retirement and other important events. Like writing a Will or purchasing insurance, arranging a funeral in advance plays a similar role in life.

Cremation arrangements do not have to be made at the time of a loss but can also be made in advance at your leisure. Prearranged cremation services are governed and
protected by the Act respecting pre-arranged funeral services and sepultures of the Government of Quebec.

Pre-planning removes the burden of those closest to you. A funeral can affect a family and loved ones both emotionally and financially. With a little forethought and preplanning, you have the opportunity to relieve some of the difficulty. More and more people are choosing to plan ahead. This is why;

Peace of Mind: Pre-planning gives both you and your family peace of mind in knowing that at the time of death very few decisions will have to be made. By resolving all the details in advance, you have enabled your family to focus on dealing with their loss.

Financial Advantage: Your family will be relieved of the financial burden often associated with making arrangements at the time of death. By paying today, you freeze
inflation by paying today’s price. In Addition your money is placed in trust and protected under provincial law.

Personal Choices: There are many decisions that need to be made at the time of death. Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to make the decisions that are right for
you. Your wishes once clearly recorded, will be known to your family.

To make an appointment with one of our experienced counsellors simply call; 1-800-CREMATION (1-800-273-6284).