Deciding on cremation is a highly personal matter. You want to be assured that your choices will be honored and carried out exactly as you specify.

1-800-Cremation was designed to provide cremation arrangements for those who wish simplicity, dignity, and affordability. The menu of options is basic and easy to understand. For families who wish to make more traditional or elaborate arrangements, or whose needs are more complex, please consult one of our professional funeral directors at any of our local Funeral Complexes.

Why Choose Us ?

Since opening the first crematorium in Canada, Mount Royal Crematorium continues to be the most trusted provider of cremation services in the Montreal area.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Non-Profit organization since 1847.
  • More experience providing cremation service than any other company in the country – since 1901.
  • We operate our own crematorium and do not "out -source" to a third party.
  • We personally oversee the care and disposition of your loved one.
  • Family deals with REAL people -- NOT a P.O. Box or
    24 hour-a-day answering service.
  • "Open Door Policy" -- Family may view facilities at any
    time during regular business hours.
  • "Open Door Policy" -- Family may be present during the
    cremation process if they wish.
  • Families can prepay for their cremation services thereby
    locking in at today's prices.
  • Prepayments are placed in trust – according to Quebec
    Prearranged Funeral Services Act.
  • Cremation is a modern choice accepted by most religions and cultures.

Services provided by 1-800-Cremation include:

  • Transfer from the place of death to Mount Royal Crematorium.
  • Basic services to coordinate arrangements with the family.
  • Completion of all required legal paperwork.
  • Preparation of Death Certificates.
  • Temporary safekeeping of the deceased prior to cremation.
  • Standard cremation container.
  • Cremation.
  • Temporary container for cremated remains.

How Do I Proceed to Make Arrangements?

1-800-Cremation has been designed to make the process of pre-arranging for a cremation as straightforward as possible. Simply download our information package, read the information then contact our office by calling 1-800-Cremation (1-800-273-6284) to book an appointment. If death has occurred, please do not contact us via Email.

In the event of a death - simply call 1-800-cremation (1-800-273-6284) AND download our "In the event of a Death" Guide.