If a death occurs at home, first call 9-1-1.

Urgence Santé (Québec) will come to the house and sign an Attestation of Death (SP-3). If the death was expected, be sure to mention this when speaking with the 9-1-1
operator. This will avoid unnecessary lights and sirens when they arrive.

A family physician may also come to your house to sign and prepare an Attestation of Death but he/she may not be available if the death occurs at night. If the death is
expected you might want to discuss this with your physician in advance.

Once the attestation is completed, call us (1-800-CREMATION) and we will arrange for the immediate transfer of your loved to the safekeeping of the Mount Royal Crematorium.

If the death occurs in hospital or other facility

If a death occurs in a hospital, nursing home or other institution, contact us as soon as possible (1-800-CREMATION). Our funeral director will contact the institution to get
permission to transfer your loved one to the funeral home once the attestation of Death has been signed.

Meeting with your cremation professional

Presumably when calling to inform us of the death of your loved one, a cremation planning meeting was also scheduled.

During the course of your cremation planning meeting, our counsellor will take note of all information necessary to complete a Declaration of Death for the Québec government. Our counsellor will also complete all logistical arrangements to conclude the following;

  • Transfer from the place of death to Mount Royal Crematorium.
  • Basic services to coordinate arrangements with the family.
  • Completion of all required legal paperwork.
  • Preparation of Death Certificates.
  • Temporary safekeeping of the deceased prior to cremation.
  • Standard cremation container.
  • Cremation.
  • Temporary container for cremated remains.

Remember to have all legal documents, health insurance card, and other pertinent information ready prior to your meeting.