About Us

What is 1-800-Cremation?

1-800-Cremation is a service designed to provide families easy access to cremation arrangements that are simple, dignified and affordable.

Who chooses 1-800-Cremation?

  • Families who wish to arrange for a simple cremation and who do not need to use the facilities of a funeral home.
  • Families who do not require the services of a professional funeral planner/director
  • Families who may be planning a simple family directed service at a later date.
  • Persons making cremation arrangements for those who have no next of kin.
  • Persons making cremation arrangements to facilitate transportation of the cremated remains to another location.

Who Operates 1-800-Cremation?

1-800-Cremation is Operated by Mount Royal Commemorative Services, a Non-Profit Organization which has been serving the Greater Montreal Community since its incorporation in 1847. Cremations arranged through 1-800-Cremation take place at the Mount Royal Crematorium, Canada’s first crematorium (est. 1901) located on the grounds of the Historic Mount Royal Cemetery .